Equilateral Ventures seeks companies that aim to transform the world for the better. We support and fund innovations with positive social and environmental impacts on the Global community while generating positive returns.  Our Bottom Line, EV invests time and capital in Teams and Ideas committed to Healthy People, Healthy Returns, and a Healthy Planet.


Veteran Initiative


People & Planet

You know doing good and generating a Healthy Return are not mutually exclusive concepts. So Do We. If your Team seeks a Healthy Return to improve Global Health -- Healthy People, Healthy Societies and a Healthy Planet--WE ARE INTERESTED!

Information Advantage

We understand the value of good information for finding solutions to difficult Global Health problems.  We bring expertise in Healthcare Informatics, Diagnostics, Analytics, Information Collection, Security, and other products and services that provide information advantages.


for Growth

Capital is a great start, but we prefer partnerships for growth. We provide our portfolio a strong network, industry experience, market growth strategies, and  information advantages. We are particulary focused on Healthcare, Regulatory, and International Market Growth Strategies.